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To brief or not to brief.

If there is one thing I hated more than Mandira Bedi talking about cricket, it is having to wear underwear. Or to be precise having to wear anything at all, if it werent for the fear of being ostracised, I would be running around naked and happy. That explains clothing, but still doesnt explain why I should be wearing underwear(to hide boners?), and I thoroughly despised having to wear underwear. Until I bought boxers.
For around 25 years, I have been the victim of the biggest scam of all time – briefs. I was a prisoner. Restrained. Suffocated. Dying for freedom. And then boxers happened. After sex, boxers must be the best thing that happened to man. And being a virgin only makes it even more special. I cannot understand why it is not a hit. If it were I wonder why I havent heard about it. Maybe its like sex, everybody in this country does it, but nobody talks about it. But come on, food, shelter and comfortable underwear are the basic needs of every man. And nobody should be denied this. It amazes me that none of the parties have mentioned it in their manifestos. I take it upon myself to bring freedom to mankind. Henceforth, I will be the chief-evangelist for comfortable underwear. Forget briefs. Go for boxers.


2 thoughts on “To brief or not to brief.

  1. Ashwin says:

    A post close to every man’s heart and so damn true! Boxers oda sogame sogam! Like to apply to the post of assistant evangelist for the chief, experience considered 🙂

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