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Airtel = Evil Corporation

First they activate a service I never asked for. Then they welcome me with the fake sweet recorded voice when I try calling them. And go on by asking me to set the freaking 4 digit password which, by the way, they ask me to do every freaking time i call. Then they tell me my balance which i care just as much as i do about the duck billed platypus, and make me answer a series of questions, jump through couple of hoops and a trapeze and subject me to all kinds of obstacles that the developers of Contra could think of, all aimed at stopping me from doing the one thing i wanted to, lash out at the customer support guy for activating a service i dint care about. And finally after a long wait, during which I had grown a beard shaved it and managed to regrow it, I am connected to a human. But now my anger has turned into apathy and I have almost forgotten why I called in the first place. The support person goes about his usual interrogation procedure to verify if it is actually me who is talking to him, which is yet another useless ritual. I ask the support person to deactivate the service and he obliges. Now, I have got this SMS from Airtel, who it seems value my feedback, and want to know if I am satisfied with the resolution of my issue.

I Think

Tamilians are hypocrites*

Tamilians are hypocrites and here’s why.

The promotion of Sinhala as the only official language is considered as one of the causes that led Sri Lanka towards the civil war. Let me share my perspective of the events.

  • Sinhalese constitute more the 80% percent of Sri Lanka’s population.
  • Tamil minority community occupied a large proportion of key civil administrative positions, thanks to their profiency in English and better education.
  • The Sri Lankan government in an attempt to improve oppurtunities and thereby the socio-economic condition of the Sinhalese made Sinhala the official language.

Before you jump on my neck for this horrible contortion of events, consider this.

  • The backward and most backward castes constitute more than 80% of TamilNadu’s population.
  • The minority forward castes(read Brahmin) had an unfair advantage in the field of education, courtesy the historical caste based bias in education.
  • The Tamil Nadu government in an attempt to restore parity reserves around 70% of seats in all educational institutions to anybody who does not belong to the Forward Caste.

Apparently, what happened in Sri Lanka is wrong and what is happening in Tamil Nadu is right. Ofcourse, both the events are different, one went bland as tayir saadam and the other got spiced up with blood, curry and masala. But isnt there a common denominator to both these events?

The usual arguments spring up>

Yes, but people in this state are in fact backward and need a chance to improve life.

So did the Sinhalese(for argument’s sake).

But the Sinhalese resorted to violence against people who strived for peaceful settlement.

So did the Tamilians, if i remember correctly the lawyer who challenged the 69% reservation decision in SC was brutally attacked by Tamil barbarians(in contrast to Sinhalese barbarians).

Yes, but that is just one life, look at the countless people who have lost lives and are suffering under the Sinhalese.

Ah, a life is a life, if you think one life is insignificant, go kill yourself and do us all a favour. Besides, I am not disputing the suffering of the people.

The funny thing is, it is all right when Karuna burns down Hindi text books, but sacrilege when Sinhalese bring down a Tamil library. Hypocrisy 101.

Another noticeable thing in this Lankan Tamils issue, is the reluctance among some Tamilians to accept that Prabhakaran is a terrorist. Comparisons with names like Che, Bhagat Singh, SCBose pop up and one is left with no strong argument that demotes Prabhakaran to a terrorist instead of a revolutionary, although I believe the civilian deaths caused by the likes of Che, Bhagat Singh and Bose were none or minimal compared to Prabhakan(I could be wrong here), it is but a weak observation. It is easy to convince people that Narendra Modi is a terrorist(which he is, if anybody has any doubts) than get people to accept that Prabhakan is one too. Also the thing with people like Che and Bhagat Singh is that they did not live long enough to go beyond the revolutionary status. Had Prabhakan died in combat, say in the late 80’s the label of revolutionary would have been deeply etched in his obituary. The world has seen all kinds of revolutionaries, from the likes of Mullah Omar who transformed from the average revolutionary into the prototypical american version of a terrorist, to maoist nepalis who graduted to politics and democracy and also the likes of Mugabe, who went a step further and became the prime minister, president and the scourge of Zimbabwe. Prabhakaran went nowhere and that’s a bad place to be when you are dead(or is he?). But for the few hardcore Prabhakaran fans, the world will view Prabhakaran as the classic Orwellian ‘more-equal-than-others’ pig who failed to deliver the dream and instead sent Boxer to the butcher, and in this respect, the tag of terrorist is a generous title and I need to think of a much lowly word. The world is better off with him being damp and dead.

*Technically, everyone is.