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Airtel = Evil Corporation

First they activate a service I never asked for. Then they welcome me with the fake sweet recorded voice when I try calling them. And go on by asking me to set the freaking 4 digit password which, by the way, they ask me to do every freaking time i call. Then they tell me my balance which i care just as much as i do about the duck billed platypus, and make me answer a series of questions, jump through couple of hoops and a trapeze and subject me to all kinds of obstacles that the developers of Contra could think of, all aimed at stopping me from doing the one thing i wanted to, lash out at the customer support guy for activating a service i dint care about. And finally after a long wait, during which I had grown a beard shaved it and managed to regrow it, I am connected to a human. But now my anger has turned into apathy and I have almost forgotten why I called in the first place. The support person goes about his usual interrogation procedure to verify if it is actually me who is talking to him, which is yet another useless ritual. I ask the support person to deactivate the service and he obliges. Now, I have got this SMS from Airtel, who it seems value my feedback, and want to know if I am satisfied with the resolution of my issue.


3 thoughts on “Airtel = Evil Corporation

  1. Guru says:

    Me : Hi I’d like to activate my credit card
    Usbank : one moment please

    after details are exchanged.

    Usbank : Do you want to activate privacy guard for ur card for just a fee of 1 dollar a month,

    me : no

    Usbank : Are you sure u dont want to protect against identity theft?

    me : no

    usbank : are u sure u dont want to prevent fraudulent activities

    me : no

    usbank : privacy guards offers protection and back up if ur card is stolen or misused

    by this time i felt what the heck pay off 1 dollar and i get to hang up the phone and i get some fancy protection. then a month later, they charged me freaking 135 dollars for continued protection. lol.. i phoned them and blasted them. of course it took about 1 hour to convince them to pack the service.

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