I Think

The Art Of Bargaining

Bargaining is an art and I am so bad at it. Just in the last 10 days, I haggled over a couple of deals like my life was on the line, only for both of them to blow up on my face. The only consolation is that I dint get into the deals which were not to my terms. Or is it? I wanted both items on offer and thanks to my ‘bargain hard. dont be a sissy’ attitude, I am left without the two pieces that would have ephemerally completed my life.

My dad is the king of bargaining. You know how parents have that one quality that kinda embarassed you as kids. My dad’s was bargaining. He knows all kinds of bargaining. He once worked in sales and marketing and ever since has been paranoid over the idea that sellers are actually screwing the customers. Anyway, the best bargain he does is when he buys fruits/vegetables. Lets say he needs 2kgs of something. He will go ask for 1kg of it. Bargain for fifteen minutes for a price that the vendor is only slightly unwilling to offer. Then comes up and says, Ok.. how about this. give me 2kgs for that price. And bam! the deal is done.

Damn, I wish I was good at bargaining.