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Emmtan Magan is crap

Its probably too late to write a review for Emmtan Magan, but I had to. I watched two scenes and I had enough. Consider this, the hero elopes with his cousin, which in itself is gross enough, goes to a new city and what's waiting there? twenty people with everything but a band and kovil elephant, promising not just a house and a job but also a wedding, coz tamil sentiment doesnt allow living together. Ofcourse, in just one song/5 minutes, he fornicates with his cousin, vivifies a kid, becomes the next Bill Gates in animal husbandry, rakes in the big bucks, drives a Honda Civic.. you get it. And then consider this, Naasar comes to a poultry farm to meet his son and there he is, wearing a maroon silky shirt, neatly pressed trousers and a tie. tie, that's right, a tie, in a poultry farm, surrounded by chickens. Oh the incongruity. I hate to say it, but this movie epitomizes bad cinema and I will be poking my eyes just for watching the scenes and not blasting the tv.

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