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Alonso: Stop being pathetic

With United losing their talisman, Arsenal cash strapped, and Chelsea not making much progress, I had a feeling that this might Liverpool's year after all. But then comes the blow. Both Alonso and Masch want to leave Anfield and go to Spain.

Now this is pathetic. Alonso was a nobody last season. He was such a mediocre player and Rafa was right in wanting to offload him to Juve and get Barry in. He has one good season and just because Real come calling, he is all of a sudden a great player and wants to leave. Show some loyalty asshole. Even a prick like Ronaldo waited for a season more, did his job for United and then left for Real.

And then Masch. Yes, he is a good defensive midfielder. It may be a bit unfair to say that without Rafa, he would be rotting in West Ham as a squad player. It will be great if he stays, but if he doesnt, then we have big problems.

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