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The book movie

I have this little fat book sitting on my shelf with a pen inside dutifully playing its role as the bookmark that I havent touched for some time now. Today morning, groggy just after waking up, my eyes landed on the book and for a second, the fold of the book on the pen made it look like the book was eyeing me, with an severe, accusatory look, as if mad at me for not looking into it. Anyway, I was thinking, how would it be if we had a cartoon movie made with books as characters. Personifying a book shouldnt be difficult, every book is in essence different from the other. As for the plot, it shouldnt be difficult too, books as such are facing extinction, an apocalyptic theme should be easy. We can also fit in romance, the hero can be a paperback, the heroine a hardcover, daughter of a best seller… and so on.

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