I Think


I have developed this problem of slipping profanity into writing. I dont know when it started, but it surely isnt leaving. I find that sexual allusions make great metaphors, making things absurdly funny, and if anything my mind brings up one thing or the other**.

But here comes the worrying part. My friend pointed out that while it can be funny, it is a huge turnoff for women. Just the other day, I accidentally slipped in the phrase "these days the word 'scientific' is being tossed around like some whore in cheap flick", which i thought was funny, and to top it i also slipped in a footnote, saying "it is difficult to say something without coming off as a chauvinist, so substitute whore with the appropriate word if you wish". I thought it made a nice joke. But apparently whore is one of those unspeakable words and the joke made me into some kind of a male chauvinistic sick perverted asshole. Besides not many got it, and when you are down to explaining your joke, you know you have blown it.

Anyway, before that I had also used the word 'bullshit', which surprisingly is also unspeakable. This is gut wrenching, this tops my list of swear words, and as someone who likes to give honest opinions, I invariably use the phrase 'This is bullshit' to concisely summarize my thought. Atleast i managed to find an acceptable substitute for this, i will be using 'bovine excreta' in its place. But what of the other swear words?

**among many many other normal musings, dont you run with the idea that i am sick.

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