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I am not the only guy…

I am not the only guy who is trying to be thrifty, even the government is at it. Some time last week, our FM Pronob Mokhergee advised his minister's to go cheap. And ever since, there have been a series of public displays of 'conspicuous austerity'*. Immediately following FM's order, congressmen have tried to show how much they will be following the order.

One minister said he is ready to travel economy class, another followed by saying he is ready to travel in train.. and today an MP in an attempt to go one step beyond and capture the front page has announced that he will be travelling only by jhatka vandi. Sadly he doesnt know of Jayanthi Natarajan's plan of travelling in share auto, who in turn is unaware of Mani Shankar Iyer's master plan of footboarding in 25 G. Then there was the news of SM Krishna being asked to vacate from the 5 star hotel where he was lodging. He has decided to stay in Pandian Lodge near central station for his upcoming visit to chennai. And then Shashi Tharoor went tiffening in a small hotel followed by cameras from all 24×7 news channels. I cannot wait to see Chidambaram having chaya in our cheta kadai.

Bottomline, govermentae chickanamaa irukku, namma yen irukka koodaathu????

*nice term, heard it on Barkha's 'The Buck Stops Here'

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