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Giddy with notoriety

I blogged for the first time at work a couple days back. A series of dumb posts forced me to lash out a scathing rant where I asked the dumb bloggers not to litter the internal blogs. I was promptly slapped with a cogent reply that if I dont like it I shouldnt read it and that instead of asking for better blogs from other folks I should maybe try writing or else shut the fuck up. In my arrogance I forgot to use the faculty of reasoning, a common mistake. Anyway, spurred by that comment I put another blog, the one about deepavali that I posted here, and boy, did I enjoy it.

The post gathered over 500 views and 25 comments, more than the sum of all the comments that I received for all the blogs here. 'Disgusting' read the first comment, '.. you are pathetic at history and culture' read the second, 'no social consciousness' said another. 'would you dare mock any other religion like this?' was a popular sentiment. Comments of the last sort were the ones that really bothered me. Admittedly, I would think twice before being critical of islam or christianity. But I think folks really missed the point with the blog*, when a person comes to you and says your house isnt clean, the right thing to do would be clean it up, asking 'would you dare say that to that or this neighbour?' is somewhat stupid. Not all comments were negative, some saw it rightly as a joke and some, thankfully defended me from the attack.

Learnt a few things from that blog. a) Blogging here, out in the open, gives me the freedom of anonymity. With a fairly limited audience I can to an extent speak my mind without being chastised. b) That religion is a touchy subject is no news to me, but tolerence, which is supposedly a key attribute of hinduism was found lacking upon criticism. c) Being notorious, oddly, feels good. I have never been much of a rebel. I remember triggering a mass walk out from TA pushpalatha's class back in college, its a bit sad that this incident has been the only rebellious one all my life. And then now, I sort of feel like the badass guy, like galileo and as I said it feels good, and will till the day I get stoned in the lunch hall or something like that. d) People dont get causality. My father thinks that my latest gastric trouble is a result of pazhichufying Rama(I told him about the blog after he asked why I was being needlessly smug), he doesnt know that I have been oversampling the deepavali bakshanam for the last two days.

*honestly, there was no big point to make, it was meant to be a funny, albeit sarcastic blog.

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