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Barack, The Messiah

Read this first -> http://beta.thehindu.com/opinion/op-ed/article34090.ece
Typical elitist iyer monologue that complains about the degeneration of society and offers hinduism as the best recourse. What is this decadence in northern hemisphere that he is talking about? Is he living in the same planet as me? And what is this grudge against science and technology? He speaks as if only science is abetting power crazy fanatics, what he doesnt realize is that we have had such fanatics ever since we left the trees. I wouldnt read much into such complains, I have seen enough mamas say things like 'the world is going to dogs' or 'kali muthi pochu' over perfectly normal incidents like saadam kozhanjufying or cycle tyre getting punctured. My only apprehension is that these hindu radicals are projecting advaita just as hitler did with ubermensch.

And what is this nonsense about some cosmic voice whispering in white house? If Barack is hearing disembodied voices, its time he takes a bath under Niagra falls, the kutralam of america.

And why all this Morpheus-like belief in Barack as 'The One'? Vitta Obamakku kovil katti, kumbashishegam panni, vyayakazhama-sanikazhama vada maala saathuvaaru pola. I am betting my bike that he goes '…Baracko devasya dhimahi…' while doing sandhi. What has Obama done to justify such adulation. He appears to be talking sense but so far it has all been rhetoric, I think we should wait for action and not prematurely beatify him.

P.S The author of the article, my father tells me was the CJI long while back, disappointing that such a respectable person can write an empty pointless article.

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