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Docomo destined to fail

I will try to prove here why docomo is destined to fail. As I am putting this blog, I am planning to do some SEO tinkering, a little bit of link farming so that when someone googles for docomo this blog entry would turn up. And when that happens, I dont have to prove anything, for 'if it is in google, it has got to be true'.
Until then, here is a half baked.. er.. highly cogent argument for why docomo will fail.
1. It doesnt seem right, pay-per-second that is. It sort of feels just as absurd as walking into a restaurant where the manager comes and says pay only for the number of parukkais you eat. If that doesnt feel absurd to you read point 2.
2. Commonsense tells me that the real fans of docomo will be those who are a) economical with words and b) economical with the little bits of paper and plastic in our wallets. Commonsense also tells me that the real real fans of docomo will be a combination of both. For a company that depends largely on people talking to each other to make money, having laconic misers as the primary audience is a sure road to doom.

Anyway, I have been wondering how docomo can get out of this mess. They can go the google way of making money from ads, they can play audio ads while the caller is waiting for the call to be answered and thereby make money from advertisers. Once that starts working.. ie annoying users, they can offer block-ads as a value added service and charge for that as well. Its a win-win for docomo. Damn, that is another million dollar idea that I have spilled in my blog.

Jokes aside, is anybody using docomo? how different is it?

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