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Dork, please take my copy

Afternoons can be dreary, especially the hour after lunch. The mind pointedly refuses to contemplate anything serious and is contended with wandering around aimlessly, flirting with random ideas that are basically tosh. One such idea that repeatedly makes an appearance is – ‘I can blog. I can be funny at times. I should be writing a book. A funny one, filled with vodka, women and related absurdities, now that is a perfect recipe for a great book, who wouldnt want to read a book filled with ribaldry? That would be a hit, a smashing one. Arrr.. *pirate laughter*’. You know what they say about ideas, you have one, ten people have the same, a couple are implementing it and one has already rolled it out. Lucky me, sidin rolled it out, called it “dork-the adventures of robin ‘einstein’ verghese”, and made me realise what a terrible, terrible idea this was.

The book is basically a bad rehash of dilbert, it tries to mock the dog-eat-dog world of MBA’s/consultants, does a mediocre job and trails off insignificantly, a pot smoking dodo would have done a better job to be honest. Feeling disturbed on levels i dint even know existed in my mind. Anyway, I just cant wait to give away the book, if you are a brave soul interesting in experimenting and establishing the causalities of diarrhea i welcome you to take this book off my shelf. Although i would like to sign a contract first stating in no ambiguous terms that i would not be held responsible for any mental disorders, including and not limited to disorientation, short-term memory loss, seizures and brain haemorrhage, that you may suffer while reading the book or later.

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I Think

Scheming demons in kingly guise

Mumbai is in a mess, real mess. Everytime i hear something about the city, its sainiks and sevaks i feel sad and terrible, and these lines start rushing towards my head.

“When they turn the pages of history when these days have passed long ago
will they read of us with sadness for the seeds that we let grow.
We turned our gaze from the castles in the distance
eyes cast down on the path of least resistance

Cities full of hatred fear and lies
Withered heart and cruel tormented eyes
Scheming demons dressed in kingly guise
Beating down the multitude and scoffing at the wise

The hypocrites are slandering the sacred halls of truth
Ancient nobles showering their bitterness on youth
Cant we learn to feel what’s right and wrong?
Cant we find the minds that lead us closer to the heart?”

These lines are from an old Rush song, they pretty much sum up how i feel. Why the hell cant we find the minds that lead us closer to the heart?

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Parting advice

A senior at work has decided to quit and move on to new challenges. Parting is always difficult, especially when folks involved are awesome. Anyway I asked him if he had any advice to offer and he said two things..

1. Keep learning new stuff.. every day, every week.

2. Dont try to learn everything new that you come across.

I thought the second contradicted the first, but then it sort of makes sense. I am going through the phase where I just want to be superman and learn every new stuff that I read or hear about and I am certain I am not moving forward. (The real problem could be that I am not persisting enough with the stuff or that the stuff is not so interesting to me as much as I expected it to be) Think I should be shrewd enough in picking stuff. The advice itself is not new but sometimes, it so happens that the same thing heard from a new person is what it needed to take it seriously.

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I Think


Saw Avatar finally. All I can say about it is that it is not entirely crap, well it is crap wrapped with shiny paper and satin ribbon and topped with a beautiful ribbon rose. When I read Greg Egan's review(http://gregegan.customer.netspace.net.au/ESSAYS/AVATAR/Avatar.html) a month or so back I thought he was being overly critical, given the overwhelming reception the movie was getting. I think he is right especially when he says..

"…what it really felt like to me was a fourth movie in the Shrek franchise, pipping the yet-to-be-released Shrek Forever After to extrapolate that series' twin curves of rising technical achievement and plumetting wit to their logical endpoint: a near-immaculate feat of visualisation, accompanied by a staggeringly awful plot in which clunky genre conventions triumph completely over plausibility and originality. Avatar even boasts its very own love story where societal expectations and superficial barriers of size and pastelicity are overcome by generous helpings of pixie dust."

I couldnt have put it better.

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