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Parting advice

A senior at work has decided to quit and move on to new challenges. Parting is always difficult, especially when folks involved are awesome. Anyway I asked him if he had any advice to offer and he said two things..

1. Keep learning new stuff.. every day, every week.

2. Dont try to learn everything new that you come across.

I thought the second contradicted the first, but then it sort of makes sense. I am going through the phase where I just want to be superman and learn every new stuff that I read or hear about and I am certain I am not moving forward. (The real problem could be that I am not persisting enough with the stuff or that the stuff is not so interesting to me as much as I expected it to be) Think I should be shrewd enough in picking stuff. The advice itself is not new but sometimes, it so happens that the same thing heard from a new person is what it needed to take it seriously.

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