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3 Idiots

Watched 3 Idiots. Nice. Made me wonder if I am doing what i really want to do. I havent yet figured out what to do with life. All my friends more of less knew/know what to do with their lives, but me I am like ‘What? Do I even need to know that?’ I told Guru sometime back that I was born a few generations late, told him I would have done well as a carpenter or a sculptor a few centuries back. I think what I meant to say was that I would have enjoyed being a carpenter now as much as back then, except that I felt I would have been much appreciated back then.(ofcourse this is based on the assumption that carpentry isnt appreciated much today, which maybe totally false). I still think I would do well doing stuff with my hands, with tools. Maybe that is why I sort of like programming, that definitely qualifies as doing stuff, except that every once in a while I want to feel my work, with my hands.

Back to the movie, it is cool, a little predictable, but cool anyway. Dont really understand what Chetan Bhagat’s problem was, because quite simply, this is not five point someone. And yes, the system is flawed. And I think it is going to crash. We are a few years from it, ten, maybe fifteen, but at some point we are going to have too many products coming out of the system that wouldnt know what to do. There will be enough literacy, but no creativity. What would follow then is anybody imagination, mine says a civil uprising. Then I could be wrong, hell I dont even know what to do with my life and here i am predicting doomsday.

P.S: Barkha Dutt is at it, again, running a islam related discussion, again, baiting folks into saying something provocative, again. Gawd, I wish the system would change just so people would learn to reason and save us from listening to her.

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