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Breaking Up…

…is always painful. Especially when the relationship has been a long one, and a wonderful one.

I remember the first days, I used to sit with my palms beneath my chin and do nothing but look at her all day long. My folks thought I was crazy, they kept telling me to take her out. I hesitated, for reasons I dont remember. And one fine day, I did and boy! I was in for a fun ride. She took me in her stride, thought me to relax, to jump, walk, run and laugh, freed my spirit. She was the wind beneath my wings, the sole beneath my feet, and for two years now, every move I have made, every step I have took, she has been with me. I keep thinking of all the times we spent together. Did I ever tell about the time we raced up the hill to watch the sun set? It was beautiful, and I wouldnt have made it without her. And the time we spent by the brook, me sitting by it and she lazing in the water, occasionally splashing water all over me. Good times.

But, things come to an end, even good ones, we have come as far together as possible. This will be our last summer together. I pity for her, all along she has been nothing but nice to me and here I am dumping her unceremoniously and already looking around for her replacement. I even think I have found the special one, she is leaner and athletic, and my hunch says she will fit well with me.

Its time I said a proper goodbye, and here it goes, ‘My dear shoes, you have been the first pair I have thoroughly enjoyed wearing, I will miss you. Goodbye.’

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