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33 percent

Are we taking social justice a little too far? Are we pawning common sense for equality? I understand that women in this society.. wait.. you know what.. i dont. I dont care. I really dont. I dont care what women go through, i dont care what men go through, or transgenders for that matter, for whatever anybody may go through has absolutely no relevance on the issue of who should or shouldnt contest in an election. All i do care is whether the potential representative of my constituency is qualified enough to do the job and not if they are from mars or venus. The whole reservation thing stands against the spirit of democracy. This is an ugly, ugly patch. To give a parallel, it is like stopping users from logging in because many potential users do not have computers but deserve access. The whole thing is just an eyewash, i cannot see this having any bearing on improving the plight of women. It is just skewing our already skewed democracy.

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