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Inglourious Basterds

Bloody brilliant. This is one of those movies from which the scenes get played over and over in one’s mind long after the movie is over. All I am going to do now is list some of those scenes here before the drudgery of normal life fades them out. Listed in the order of increasing likeness.

4. The murder of Hitler. I dint see that coming, I really dint. I kept thinking someone would goof up and Hitler would escape, and well it dint happen. Isnt this a first? Hitler getting knocked down this way?

3. The death of Shosanna. Shosanna shoots Zoller, feels pity, a bit of pain, a little remorse, moves closer to him and just as she turns his body around bam! zoller fires at her. And before he fires the final fatal shot, his hands, which had killed around three hundred men in a sitting, tremble, not with the pain of his wounds, but the pain of destroying something so beautiful. The bgm all the while is surreal and all adds up to making the scene beautiful.

2. The opening chapter. The dialogue between Hans Landa and the french farmer was great. The best quote went something like ‘I am aware of the tremendous feats humans are capable of once they abandon dignity.. ‘ That is sort of a prelude to what Hans ends up doing at the end of the movie.

1. The best scene in the movie, the beginning of the chapter ‘revenge of the giant face’. Shosanna sits by the window, waiting for the night, the bgm builds up slowly with clock ticks. She then puts on her makeup, readying herself for the war, and, at the risk of stating the obvious, the way she brings down the net over her face reminds of a soldier bringing down the vizor of his helmet. ‘And I have been putting down fire with gasoline..’ was apt(Bowie rocks by the way).

I like the movie so much that I am not even going to bother thinking about its logical fallacies, and that is something I did with only one other movie, The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The biggest problem I had with the movie was it being multilingual, constantly looking at subtitles was annoying. And brad pitt was ordinary, I think could have done better. (To be fair to him, he did do one good thing, he kept his shirt on throughout the movie, dint flaunt his six packs and saved us regular folks from looking at ourselves and feeling awful.)

Finally, a word about the guy who played Col. Hans Landa. He was terrific. Cold, ruthless, suave, intelligent. The tension he brought to the table with nothing more than a few casual gestures(like the time he asks Shosanna to wait for the cream..) was awesome. By far, the best actor in the movie.

To sum up, if you havent seen it yet, stop everything you are doing and go and watch it.

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