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Riding a bike* that refuses to go beyond 40(that is in kmph) has its own set of advantages. All I need to do is to adjust one wrist on the accelerator and the ready the other on the brake and let the mechanical contraption do its job while allowing my mind to wander. It gives me time, time to think, time to introspect, time to wonder about the big questions of life, the existential ones like ‘what is the purpose of life?’, ‘is there a god?’, ‘what should I have for dinner?’ and so on. Anyway, yesterday, on my ride back home I was thinking something important, as usual, about comics and stuff. My train of thought started at dilbert, went through the usual places, xkcd, pbs, phdcomics, c&h, foxtrot and so on. It then changed tracks and went into cartoonland, again visiting the usual spots, dexter, simpsons, southpark, before stopping at johny quest. I was thinking how crazy Jeremiah Surd was, when it struck me how brilliantly his name was chosen. Surd, obviously means irrational, something that fits with his nature. I know, he is brilliant and all, but that name fits. Cant believe it took me such a long time to see that connection. Anyway, wondering if the word ‘absurd’ is also related to surd, it doesnt correspond directly to irrationality, more to ridiculous, but then isnt absurd stuff irrational, now i am wondering if all this sounds absurd.

*I know, i shouldnt be calling it ‘bike’, it is more like two wheels, a seat and a bit of mechanical jiggery-pokery.

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