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Back in the old days, when the WTC was still standing, when the world was a little less crappy than what it is today, my paati used to be the Home Minsiter of the family, that is to say she controlled the TV remote control. If you have studied the power dymamics within a family like I have, you will know that the TV remote control is not just any electronic device but more of an imperial sceptre, supreme executive power lies in the hands of the person who holds it. With the press of a button this person can bring either joy or suffering into the lives of the lesser folk in the family. I have to say I endured a lot of suffering when my paati was in control, thanks to her super-mega-serial addiction(Paati, if you are reading from up there or down below or through any other reincarnation, no offence meant, you knew I hated serials). Anyway when her time was up, there was quite a bit of internal struggle to gain exclusive access to the coveted device. My mother should have been the natural successor for the post of HM and by extension the rightful owner of the sceptre, she had after all been a Minister of State for Home Affairs for a long time, but then thanks to some last minute issue-based support from me to my dad in exchange for timeshared access to the remote and a guarantee that the house would be a mega-serial free zone, my dad managed to add the Home portfolio under his belt. All were happy, except perhaps my mom, but hey in a democracy not everyone ends up happy.

With great power comes great responsibility.. nah.. with great power comes great opportunity to abuse it, which me and my dad did quite thoroughly. All we ever saw was news, sports, news, sports, news and some sports news. Naturally, there was the occasional dissent which was swiftly curbed by some carefully crafted rhetoric. As time went by, i lost interest in TV, and moved on to better stuff, the internets mostly, still i was happy in the knowledge that the sceptre was in safe hands. Or so I thought.

After a really long time, I was at home yesterday, that is at home on a weekday, before 9PM. It came as quite a shock when I found my folks watching mega-serial(s), and that too during an IPL game. I went to my dad and expressed my disappointment. He sized me up, and in classic Red style told me that I was a dumbass and offered me a life lesson, free of charge – that the karandi is mightier than the remote. And then the world spinned, well the world always spins, but I could for once perceive it. I had planned my life carefully around coming to power by strategically gaining access to the remote and then I hear this. Damn. Now I have to learn cooking, just to be safe.

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  1. Lovely post!

    Quite the same scenario at mine too i hear.. From a time when soaps were strictly forbidden by father, I hear Enge Brahmanan is now allowed to pacify mother. Hope the HM doesn’t change!

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