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A weary afternoon

Todays’ afternoon has so far been painfully slow. If I squint my eyes in a way that more or less looks unpleasant to an onlooker (there isnt any by the way), I can actually see individual dust particles slowly making their way through their usual expressway, the beam of sunlight. If only I could tag a few of them with flourescent colours, I think I would be witnessing the unfurling of a magnificent aurora. These particles, they are normally a lot busier than I find them today, but then normally I am just about busy to ignore them. I think I am imagining them, for I am sitting in a cubicle surrounded by pot plants that have neither seen any sunlight nor any dust.

Lunch does this to me. Eyelids very slowly fall victims to gravity. The mind buzzes about in a desultory fashion, not unlike the static of a television that is yet to be enslaved by the matrixy-plug end of the coax cable. I woke up momentarily to look back at the unconscious use of a litote in the previous sentence only to be disenchanted instantly, it is after all not so unusual. There, I did it again to show that is not so unusual. And again. Anyway, litotes are the last thing on my mind now. Coming to think of it, except for the feeling of missing something or someone, everything else on my mind has been struck down as the things to be bothered with when hell freezes over, at which point it wouldnt matter much. Yes, I think it is the lunch, and the bit of cough syrup I gulped down late last night in the hope of lubricating the mind numbing wheeze in my lungs.

Usually, I counter this sort of listlessness with a cup of coffee but then today I am all too dispirited and overwhelmed with lethargy to even bother lifting my posterior off this cushy seat. Typing itself seems to be a lot of work. Fingers that usually race across the keyboard are now forming committees to discuss the need to type the next letter. Some are plotting and charting the longest path between two keys. Others have all too z plainly decided to act independently. The pinky is trying z to sneak in the z letter z without me noticing, which is absurd, it would have got away unnoticed had it z been the pinky in the left hand. It is not so hard to notice z the pinky in the right hand reach out and type z. I z wish it would z stop though. I wish I would stop this post right here and stop myself from pressing the Publish button. But then I know I am not going to. Here comes the inevitable click.

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2 thoughts on “A weary afternoon

    • thanks da.. the pinky actually saved the post from becoming a pointless rant.
      its back under my control, although i am not sure it likes it much 😀

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