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Looks like Sauron is stoking Mount Doom in Iceland. Darkness is creeping over middle-earth… er.. I mean Europe. Crap, I need to stop this LOTR fixation.

Anyway, check out ‘The Big Picture’ images of the volcano here. As usual, classy pics. There isnt a better photo news column out there. Among its recent entries, check out the one about the crisis in Kyrgyzsthan(link), the pictures tell an amazing story, I dont know of any other news article that managed to capture the riot so well. There is one particular photo that I Iiked a lot, photo #33, look at the guy, casually carrying a RPG and a riot shield, wearing a mock smile, he looks like one of those heroes from a hollywood flick, you know, the ones who walk around unconcernedly in slow-mo as the entire backdrop explodes into flames. All he is missing is a toothpick hanging from his mouth. That would have made the photo epic. Anyway, I digress.

Are we facing an unusually large amount of tectonic activity recently? Haiti, Chile, China, this. I think earthquakes and volcanic activity occur a lot more frequently that we get to know, or so I read somewhere. But all of a sudden, it does appear that the planet is shaking up in a big way.

Between how does one even pronounce the Eyjafjallajökull? I tried and I think I have accidentally made a navy knot out of my tongue.

P.S Vidyaji tagged me as a blogger buddy and passed a blogger buddy award. Honoured :). Dont know if the rules allow me to pass it back to her, but who cares about rules anyway. So here goes, I pass it back to her and to antbrain, who is back from his break and is already kicking ass.

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