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Felix Felicis

My friend Guru is called so not without reason. I was talking to him the other day about how I tend to be like Ron Weasley before a quidditch game, you know, lack confidence, self-belief etc. He told me to stop being a wuss and grow some ego. Nice advice, but ego isnt jack’s beanstalk to grow over a night, I wanted a quick solution to the problem. He came up with one, a good one, he told me to go and listen to Rammstein. He named a few songs but this one alone did the job.

Now if I was a hunter, walking through the jungle, listening to that song, and if a tiger came across my path and wouldnt let me through, all I would need to pound it into submission would be a pencil, one with a broken tip would do. Not that I am into recreational killing of endangered species, the point being I would rip apart anything that stood in my way, if only I was listening to the song. I dont understand german, but I imagine this is what the lead singer with a frog lodged up his larynx is trying to say ‘Dude.. all you need is a pencil, and one with a broken tip would do’. And finally, once I am done with the tiger, the singer delivers the punch line ‘You know what, you dint need the damn pencil!’, atleast that is what I think the scream at the end means.

The downside to this is that the effect of hearing the song usually lasts only for about an hour. I heard the song an hour back and I have been feeling super good since, but I can almost feel it wearing off… and.. and once.. that happens… I… I… I revert back to… being just…. just me. *loses consciousness*

*gets up blinking stupidly* Where.. Where am I? *blinking again* Why do I have sticky tomato sauce all over me? *blinking again and again* Why.. why on earth am I holding a pencil in my hand, and that too one with a broken tip…? *turns around, screams in horror* Oh dear god! what have i done to my pet tiger?

Disclaimer: The author was only exaggerating the effect of listening to industrial grade acoustics. No tigers or pencils were harmed in the writing of this blog. If anything, the only harm to come out of this blog was to the auditory sensors located at the sides of the author’s cranium, and they dint seem to mind it. The song was quite something though wasnt it? What? What did you just say?

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