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Mobile Menace

I suffer from a general paranoia of being watched, I have all these weird things happening around me that make me suspect that I am the lead in an Indian version of The Truman Show. For starters, there are a lot of cameras around me, apparently for security reasons. I will accept that, but how do you explain all the sms i get. How do you explain the messages I used to get about weight loss programs and fat reducing belts all these years? How do you explain the fact that these messages stopped mysteriously about four months back when I got back into reasonable shape? How do they know that I spend all my time on the comp and send stuff about earning cash while doing so? How do they know that the overhead tank in my apartment overflows everytime? How? How? HOW? Sometimes they make some of the stupidest mistakes though. I have this markandeya gene that makes me look like a 16 year old kid all the time. But then they think I am actually a 16 year old and send me messages about JEE/BITSAT/AIEEE coaching. Easy mistake that.

Ok, enough of mokkai. It is just annoying, getting all these junk messages. And junk messages arent the only problem. A couple of days back my sister told me that she is changing her number. Back story: Her friend started getting inappropriate/lewd messages some time back. The guy(s) behind it did something funny(funny because its never before heard levels of inanity to me) and disturbing, they dint just stop with her but got hold of her elder sister’s number and her mother’s number, that is all the women in her family. After putting up with the trouble for more than a month, the trio did the only thing they thought would solve the problem, changed all their numbers. Anyway, theres plenty of fish around and the guy(s) picked on my sister next and after a week of random annoying messages, shes decided that the easiest thing to do would be to change her number too. Sometime back I heard an incident about this girl who had to change her number five times during her college time. Although I dint doubt the veracity of the incident, I thought that this was maybe just a one-off incident, I was thinking what did she do to annoy so many people? Now I am inclined to think that maybe this is a problem that women tend to face, is this?(the number of such incidents that I know of is still just two). Anyway, I was wondering what would be the right way to handle these kind of problems in the future. I suggested blocking the numbers but apparently the guy(s) uses a different number each time. Is there a better way?

P.S I am also planning on becoming a masked vigilante, I have been practicing the ‘I am batman!’ line all day and I think I am almost there. So dont suggest that.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    a menace that needs to be notified and the five time number change rings a bell 😉

  2. half-way through the post, i thgt women half my age are left to deal with this menace. but the mother facing the trouble shows that i lack the qualification either way;)

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