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Chuck Palahniuk

I mean chuck his books, into the fire. Until yesterday, of all his books, I had only read Fight Club, which was fast, engaging, dark and definitely worth the time. And then yesterday I picked up something which came with the warning ‘not for the faint hearted’. When was the last time one took such a warning seriously? I got curious and picked it up just because of that warning. Now curiosity suffers from a bad reputation, everyone knows what it did to the cat. That reputation is here to stay. I think the cat had it real easy compared to me. In the first few minutes I was squirming uncomfortably in my chair. It got worse, million-chalk-pieces-screeching-across-the-blackboard kinda worse. It dint stop there. My guts started contracting, my whole body felt weak and sick. Not so surprisingly I remembered stuff that I had buried deep in my mind, for example the stuff about lambs. Do you know the stuff about lambs? Do you know how they are neutered? Farmers use a very simple castration technique, they hold up the hind legs of the lamb and bind a rubber ring tightly around neck of its scrotum and leave it that way. What this does is it stops the blood supply to the testis which degenerate and shrivel up, and in a couple of weeks the testicles of the lamb drop off, literally. This is a simple, easy, cheap, non-invasive neutering technique, its just that the lamb cant stand, cant sit and basically goes through hell during the first couple of days(Of course, life turns out great after a couple of weeks, the sheep lives a thoroughly meaningful existence appreciating the beauty of the meadow, the sunshine, the wind and the other joys of life until it is driven off to the butcher). I had buried this away for a long time only for Chuckie to drop in and dig it up. Chuckie had done one thing and one thing well, he had thoroughly fucked up my brain, fucked it up beyond all possible recognition, fubar, thats right, fubar.

It wouldnt be difficult for you to figure out what I ended up reading, especially if you are a fine blend of smart and stupid, but if you are anything like me, you know, if you are a normal person who has had a normal, protected life, if you have witnessed or experienced very little disturbing stuff, if you are a little timid, if you cannot read something without getting involved, if you arent a sadist or a masochist, please dont scar yourself by reading it.

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    • The book is a collection of short stories and I have had enough reading one of them. I dont want to name the book. I am trying hard to forget it.
      isnt this 2010, where is my memory modification clinic?

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