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Do spambots send multimedia love?

What I have in my pocket is one of the earliest versions of the cell phone. It dates back to the Third Age and incidentally was one of the things Bilbo Baggins had in his pocketses along with the One Ring. If I were to compare it with the gizmos of the present day, I would have to say that the phone in my possession is akin to one of those crustacean life forms that crawled out during the cambrian explosion but hit a evolutionary dead end and survives in the present day as nothing more than a curious artifact on a paleontologist’s desk. It does a couple of things, my phone that is, a) establish a communication link and b) act as a paper weight. It doesnt play music, doesnt have a camera, doesnt double up as a shaver or a tongue cleaner and most definitely doesnt have the ability to show mms. Interestingly, I got an MMS today, which airtel placed on some server and sent me the IP address and the username/password to login and see. Now I have received one such sms about a mms in the past which I ignored. Today, being a slow day, I decided to check it out. It turned out to be a gif image with the words ‘I love you’. Woohoo! Woohoo!!!

Now the message dint have a sender number, I dont know if it was sent by a girl or a guy, there is no way of knowing if it was even sent by a person. My guess is some bot or script is busy spreading the message of universal love among single guys. All I can make of this message is that somebody or most probably something out there loves me, and going by the gif image, oh boy, it loves me a lot. Woohoo! Woohoo!!!

I am in a jolly good mood the last few days, so buoyant that I would embrace every man, woman, kid, puppy, sloth, bat, moss, e coli, just about everything if it would allow me to. And I am not the guy who restricts his love to just the animate. Coming to think of it, I dont even know if a spambot lacks emotional capacity, it would be awfully presumptuous on my part to speculate on the absence of feelings and emotions in a spambot. So, dear spambot, whatever, your love shall not remain unrequited. I love you too, dear. Now go make me a sandwich.

P.S:What good is love if one cant even get a sandwich out of it?

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4 thoughts on “Do spambots send multimedia love?

  1. A couple of things that interested me in this post: Bilbo Baggins and third -age mobile phone! The mention of BB excites me and also makes me guilty- TLoTRs is lying in my shelf untouched for over 1.5 yrs post The Hobbit.. And the knowledge of one other soul besides my partner owning a third-age phone is a revelation! Hope he doesn’t get to read this post:) And yeah, cheers on the ‘unconditional’ love:))

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