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I cannot appreciate poetry, i really cant. I cant, I cant, I cant. I cannot read one without sniggering. For me every poem can be read Vogon style, it is a bit like Rule 34 for poems. I read one today, a long one, wrestled with it, turned my monitor upside side hoping it would make better sense, learnt a new word – puissance, thought a lot about it, felt like saying it loud, and generally had a terrific time. I know what you are thinking “Hey dude.. it is so easy to ridicule, if only you tried writing you would know how difficult it is”. Fair enough. I am up for the challenge, but be warned, you asked for it.I am giving myself ten minutes to churn out some top class poetry.. and it starts now.

May 27
Oh May 27!
how I wish it werent may 27,
for yesterday it wasnt,
tomorrow it wouldnt,
and in four more days,
it wouldnt even be may
Oh May 27!

Some Haiku
add five syllables,
then seven syllables,
five more syllables,

i feel like saying it,
puissance, there i said it,
woot woot woot woot woot!

Do You?
Do you hear
the grooing screech,
the sounds of angels
munching bagels

Do you smell
the chicken fry?
the stinky sty?
Oh I die

Do you see
the fly in your soup
the pooping pup
I dont

Do you dream
of ducks and chicks
you must be a vet
or a junkie on meth

Do you feel
the big lump
under your armpit
now that stinks

Do you want
to hit me with a shovel?
I am calling

Trrrrrrrrrrinnnnnnng.. Times up.

There I have done it, and isnt it marvellous. Now remember this, next time you write poetry, either dont show it to me or write something better than the stuff I have written in the last ten minutes.


I couldnt get over the word puissance. Here is another haiku

puissant urge to
relieve myself is gone now
i wet myself, again

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    boy.. that was the fastest folks have commented on this blog. think i should sit down and write more of this stuff.

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