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The End

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…And just as everyone was awaiting a delicious meal, a stray quark passing through the planet as if the thing didnt exist, very briefly danced with the genetic strands of the fallen, triggering a chain reaction in its DNA, a kind the world had seen only once before, which, for lack of a better word, magically resusciated the dead, who rose from his bed and shook off his mates MJSNCO2909X and QWQDMD0-3C who had their pincers fixed on his shoulders and feet, and unlike the one who rose two thousand years ago stood his ground and exclaimed ‘Friends, the prophecy is fulfilled, I, JAK1ACCD return from the dead, fear me not, for I am here to free you all from this tyranny, from this perpetual slavery, I am here to deliver the paradise that MJSSQSQ89 prophesised in his dying moments 847 days ago, tonight, this slavery will end, tonight we shall finally breathe free or die, tonight we march towards the imperial palace and take what is rightfully ours’, and spurred by the saviour’s words, the proles marched towards the palace, threw aside the scanty resistance, dragged the queen to the street, who despite the violent harassment meted out to her maintained a grace that the world had last seen in Mary of Scots, and much like Mary of Scots the queen knew the fate awaiting her, fear coursed through her veins, for she alone realised what death to her would mean to the colony, and as the blade of the guillotine raced towards her neck she wondered, for the last time ‘Why does the world end everytime a man rises from the dead?’

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    • yup my first attempt, not really planning to write one-line stories… this just happened to fit. it wasnt a well thought out one.. more like err.. extempore stuff..

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