I Think


I did it. I finally did it. For a long time I have stood on the edge of the diving board, wiggling my toes like one of those cartoon characters, waiting to take the plunge. I have finally stepped into the air and dived into Discworld. I had a minor problem of choosing the entry point, you may say that Going Postal is probably not the right book to start. But then I really liked the blurb on the back, sometimes one has to go with ones’ instincts, especially when they point the wrong way. I visited the book store, landmark, just for this, I havent been there in almost a year, from the time I started ordering at flipkart. But this is a special occasion, and I decided to honour it by visiting the store, standing in reverance before the fantasy aisle and picking the book.

I like visiting book stores, to me it is almost like visiting temples. Well… book shops arent exactly temples, more like pseudo-temples, you know, like iskcon, in all fairness libraries are more like temples. Libraries/temples let you read/pray in silence, bookstores and pseudo-temples are designed specifically to stop you from doing that, they do this by a)playing crappy music in the background and b) by offering you stuff to take home for a price. Still, I like visiting book shops. Being in a book shop is like being in a party, you say hello to a few books, judge some by their dress.. er.. cover, talk to them for a while and take them home if they are interesting. Damn, I should stop anthropomorphizing everything. And I need to see more people. People.. people, where art thou?

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