I Think


Oh man.. i just got my first real sting. I posted the previous entry in the blog portal at work(what was i even thinking), tagged it as attempted-humor, and a friend walked up to me and said “nice ‘attempt’ dude, but think it failed”. Ouch.
I went and re-read the thing and it does seem a bit… you know.. not heading anywhere… kind of a story… It has its moments.. but nothing sticks out… why am i using so many ellipses…?
Well.. I cant make everyone get what i write, but the diamond is still very much rough and needs a lot of work.
That said.. it was quite a burn.


2 thoughts on “Burrrrnnnnn…

  1. With ‘inflation’ ‘talks’ doing the rounds and an accidental allegory (ok, i read too much betw lines:))at the end, the response was bound to be thus:) Now don’t go and ‘undo’ anything:)

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