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Andy Murray

Andy Murray seems to be suffering from Neo’s problem. He is so awesome that his biggest flaw is that he doesnt know that he is The One, that’s right, the one with a capital ‘o’. Somebody better go out and kill him so that he can get up and stop the tennis ball mid-air, go have a sandwich, come back and whack it into the far corner. The man suffers from self doubt and lacks confidence. It was frustrating and painful to watch him go down yesterday.


2 thoughts on “Andy Murray

  1. I am going to like you manifold just because you wrote Murray as awesome and the One, and am going to totally ignore self doubt and confidence part. Nadal played better ( though it hurts to admit it), and Murray lacks stamina.. Nadal made him run around the length and breadth of the court! Weak perhaps, but not self-doubting.

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