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15 minutes of agony

Sunday afternoon. Nothing much to do. Channel surfing. Star Movies comes up. This movie called Twilight, based on a novel with the same name is on. I had heard the book was awful but the movie ok. I watch it for fifteen minutes and hate myself.
It was painfully slow, I could actually feel the continental drift happening. All the actors did was stare at each other and say four word sentences. “Dont talk to me” “We shouldnt be friends” “Hi” “Talk to me”
There is a reason we men dont wear lipstick. Very very few of us actually manage to look good wearing it. Eddie Izzard is probably one. The lead in the movie isnt one.
Suffice to say I dint enjoy it.


2 thoughts on “15 minutes of agony

  1. This book is supposed to be a great hit with the tweens and early teens and one common doubt they share is, well, how does it feel to be smooched by a vampire:)

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