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Flipkart has for once failed me. The book I was looking for was out of stock. Googled a bit and landed at Infibeam. The site looks like a Amazon rip-off, everything from the logo to page design to the tabs in the top bar. But really who cares. They did have the book I was looking for and I have gone ahead and ordered it. While I was there, I did a quick search of other books and I must say they score over flipkart as far as pricing goes. They do appear to be a tad cheaper. Flipkart offers free shipping for purchases over a 100 bucks, Infibeam here offers free shipping on all orders. Hmm, not a major scoring point though. The good thing about flipkart has been their delivery time. Every time they have said 3-5 days, they have delivered it at the end of the second day, every single time. Very prompt. Will have to wait and see how Infibeam fares in this area.

Where do you buy your books?


2 thoughts on “Online Book Stores

  1. Flipkart failed you? That is quite surprising da. Even for a supposedly hard-to-get book like ‘Christopher Unborn’, it took them less than a week. Never heard of Infibeam though.. it’s such a sad site with zero points for originality da!

    • Well.. it was a java book(ok ok, i buy my proggy books) and has been out of stock for a while.
      And yes, the infibeam site is a poor clone, design-wise. I will not dismiss it just based on that alone, if they offer timely delivery and cheaper prices, i wont hesitate to switch

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