I Think

Kanda Naal Muthal

Me and a bunch of my cousins got together this weekend, purely by chance, and were hanging out at my peripa’s place. After a heavy lunch, the kind that would have fed an entire village somewhere in Sudan I was gearing up to sleep on the double bed. One cousin decided to double up the double bed as an OAT, placed the laptop at one end and started watching Kanda Naal Muthal. One by one folks joined in and filled up the bed leaving me like one of the tetris blocks, cramped up to optimise the bed space. Apparently everyone barring me had watched the movie atleast once and I couldnt help wondering why watch it again and disturb my sleep. Anyway, it was after a long time that we were getting together and I gave up my noon nap and watched the movie with them. The movie lacked a bit of logic, dragged a little towards the end, Laila was annoying(-ly cute), but on the whole it wasnt that bad after all. It is the kind of movie an entire family can sit and watch, on a double bed and feel happy for the hero and heroine getting together in the end.

Edit: Been looping through the title song for the past 2 hours and counting. http://www.endlessyoutube.com/watch?v=iVB_QyKrXmM