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Folks at work have changed the blog platform to a new one and I spent the last evening archiving the posts I had written there before someone rm-rf’s the old blog server. I stumbled across this entry that I wrote a while back. I had great fun writing this, more for its timing than anything else. It was written just before the annual performance eval during the recession year. Reposting here for general amusement.
I have never liked biology much, least of all zoology. Despite this, I have been doing research on certain species and it gives me great joy in announcing that I have identified 3 new species right here inside our very own premises. Here I shall give a brief description of these three species.

Before i proceed i would like to highlight a fascinating feature common to all the three species, all of them, coincidentally, are spotted during the months of october and march.

1. Corvus technicalus.
On the way to the cafeteria, treading along the narrow lanes that separate your cubicles, if you hear snatches of conversation like ‘cosmic energy coupled with atomic energy with a program in java’, and if you hear it only during the months of october and march and seldom otherwise, chances are there is a Corvus technicalus in the vicinity. The Corvus technicalus is very similar to the more common Coderus appavius, so here is a word of caution, before you publicly identify a specimen as Corvus, make sure that it not an innocent Coderus appavius just loudly clarifying its doubt.

2. Vulpes emailli.
A member of the Vulpes emailli genus usually transmits messages about captain’s calisthenics, balakrishna’s baltis, idlebrain.com images and miranda-meendum-meendum-siripu message based mails that have necessitated the existence of snopes.com. But come september, the wily creature starts the process of building the image, and soon emails about coding best practices, marketing tips, the advantages of agile programming and the various ways of refactoring addressed to your team make it into your mailbox.

3. Ursus forumus.
This is perhaps the most easily identifiable of the three species. The Ursus forumus hibernates for long periods of the year from May to September and from November to February. During the remaining time, it is usually spotted in the grasslands of forums. The Ursus forumus usually triggers a acidic reaction in the stomachs of Coderus appavius which is often heard exclaiming ‘inda kosu tolla taanga mudila.. yaarachum marundu adichu kollungalenda’.

During this time of the year, if one were to look at these 3 species alongside the remaining members of the ecosystem, namely the Coderus appavius, Nocturnus backbonius and Hypnosium salesengerus, it is clear that all of them are in anticipation of ‘monsoon’ rains. There are of course fears about how the the monsoons will be affected due to ‘global warming’, and speculation on the amount of ‘rainfall’ is the most common topic of discussion at lunch tables, evening walks and cubicle gatherings. One can only hope that we have a great monsoon.


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  1. janani says:

    I fit Corvus technicalus the best:)Made for a great read:)Thanks for posting back some entries that i had missed reading at Zoho forums..:)

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