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TIL a new word

blatherskite: a babbling, foolish person, a person who talks at great length without making much sense

I am searching for blatherskites, so that I can, you know, call them blatherskites and feel good at having used a newly learnt word. Please comment and make my day. 😀

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Avani Avittam

Another one went by, it was a sad one personally, conspicuous by their absence was the generation that preceded my father. I have been doing this for fifteen years now, mostly with the same set of folks and the number of septua/octogenarians in the gang had been dwindling all the time. This time it hit the nadir*. I missed the old folks, i missed the wholehearted manner with which they blessed the kids.

What is even more sad is that they are being replaced(in terms of seniority) by a set of 50/60-year-old snobs. I hate that age group, i hate their pious demeanour, all they ever do is show off, complain about social decadence or worse, discuss the climate in New Jersey at this time of the year just because their genetic trail is over there. In ten years time, this set will grow to fill the void, but damn, it would be ten difficult avani-avittams.

Anyway, as usual the event was an exercise is holding on to my veshti and hoping that they dont slip off. I was wondering why we dont have pants that look like veshties, surely there is quite a bit of demand for them. I think the reason we dont have them is because of the name the product would take, pants that look like veshties are bound to be called panties, and man, it would need a terrific marketing campaign to get guys to wear them.

*It was quite a low point actually, the usual gang broke off completely and each went to a different place.

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A new beginning

She died, last week. We tried surgery, it prolonged her life by a couple of months. Unfortunately things were never the same, her soul.. er sole passed away last wednesday.

Its time to move on. I went scouting for her replacement today and am glad I have found the perfect one. With every end comes a new beginning. Ok, that sounded corny, but say what you want its still a new beginning and I am looking forward to the journey together.

I Think

A short story

(… for which I couldnt come up with a name)


He had found the perfect woman and fallen in love. It was love at first sight, although he denied it to himself and anybody who cared to ask, nobody ever did.

His initial approach was deflected adroitly with an indifference characteristic of those who have seen many such. It took a while for him to understand that she was acting like a squirrel, like one of those cynical bastards that roam around casually but scamper up a tree the minute one walks up to it with a hand full of walnuts and stays there teasing one to try the same next day. In time she mellowed a little and the two grew to know each other. He felt a certain warmth when she was around and knew the feeling was mutual. Life, all of a sudden seemed pleasant and incredibly fun. It was as if she had walked into the dusty, sepia-tinted world of his and said hang on.. this isnt right and with a wave of her hand turned it into a six year old’s colorbook.

He thought that she was a bit like a camel, specifically the one from aesop’s, he had only allowed her a soft little corner in his heart but she had quickly moved in entirely and started shooing everything else away in a very proprietorial manner. He wished he would stop comparing her to ugly desert animals, it sounded vaguely insulting. He also wished he knew what she thought of him and set out to find it. Like the crow that dropped pebbles into the pot, he dropped hints in the hope that she would spill out what she had in her heart. All he ended up finding was that such matters do not follow Archimedian principles. He decided that the best thing to do was to tell her how he felt.

Expressing love is a lot like filing your tax returns, you declare everything, earnestly, you are a little worried if you have done it right, you think you are entitled to some kind of a return, what happens most of the time is you dont get anything back, and what more, you should have known it a lot earlier. It was quite natural that he was terrified of taking this simple step. He couldnt rid his mind of the proverbial saying ‘man proposes, woman disposes’. He thought to himself Oh crap, life throws a lemon, some people make lemonade, here I am, cutting it into two and rubbing it over my eyes.

He saw her coming from quite a distance. He couldnt help wondering at her mastery of the art of looking great even in the simplest of dresses, it never ceased to amaze him. She spotted him and waved at him. He waved back and waited for her to come around. She started talking even before he had completed his hi. He had no clue what it was about, there was this drill sergeant’s voice in his head that kept screaming at him to pull himself together and start talking. He kept filling his side of the conversation with hmms, ohs and other mono-syllabic responses. She quickly noticed that he wasnt paying attention and gave him a is everything alright? look. He wanted to tell her Thank you for asking. I am just a little nervous here, on the verge of a panic attack as a matter of fact, my heart is beating so fast that should a hummingbird pass by it would ask me to go easy, otherwise everything is alright, but reserved the sarcasm for better times and instead looked up at the late evening sky. A couple of stars winked at him encouragingly while the rest held their breath. He smiled back at them, took a deep breath, looked into her eyes and said…

I Think


Watched Inception for the second time in as many weeks.

My rating for the movie has gone from ‘good enough’ to ‘meh, i dont care’.

I was pissed off by the ending. The spinning top was a pointless end shot. Now I dont usually expect closure at the end of a movie, I rather enjoy discussing about/marvelling at some of the open ended ones. Scanner Darkly, Primer – examples of movies that end in a classy open manner. But this ending was, I reiterate, pointless. How does the ending make the movie interesting? There are apparently clues that indicate that the entire movie was a dream, so what? And if it isnt, again, so what?

The biggest problem i have with the movie is the visual representation of the inception itself. While a safe is a pretty good metaphor for storing our secrets, the representation of the genesis of an idea as something a person picks out from his vault is, to me, absurd.

The other problem I see is with the defences that a dreamer concocts to protect himself from people who nick secrets. Cobb explains that the defences are like WBC’s that fight against intruders, alright. But why the hell do they have to be human, that too such lousy ones? Its a dream, the dreamer can actually imagine a hell a lot of stuff, that being the case why not put in a couple of dragons or draft in the Fantastic Four to protect oneself, atleast that is what I would have done. The whole defence stuff is woefully explained. What it offers is a chance to bring in guns and anti-gravity fight sequences and spruce up the visuals, it contributes nothing to the plot as such.

The characters, other than that of Cobb were poorly developed. I think I also found a timeline flaw, although that needs confirmation.

The movie is so much like a Shankar flick, an anorexic plot beneath a facade of grand visuals(inception? more like deception). There is nothing wrong with such a flick, but dont tell me it is cerebral.

Esskay thought that the movie was awesome and asked me on our way back how it could have been done better. I know it was a rhetorical question, but I think the movie would have been awesome if it had pushed me into examining the genesis of ideas in my head.

So why the hell did I bother watching it for the second time, well.. er.. who in their right minds would say no to free tickets and a few hours with friends 😀