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I like emoticons. They can be quite useful, think they have come a long way in standardising emotions. It came in quite handy some time back. About a month ago, a colleague’s father passed away. Now I really hate the awkward part which involves talking to the bereaved. The right words usually elude me, I get tongue-tied, there is always a danger that the synapses lodged in the dark corners of my brain will come up with something stupid like ‘Dude, its not too bad, he has only gone to Netherlands, i mean the nether lands, get it, har har’ or ‘Dont worry, the man’s probably having fun with the virgins’. Luckily for me he came online before I had to meet him in person and colon-hyphen-left-bracket seemed to sum up everything appropriate I could have said to him.

That said, I feel bad for colon-hyphen-right-bracket, the poor fellow get awfully overworked. I cant help but feel that it is just conversational fluff. This emoticon is the karuvepalai of conversation, one person throws it in under the impression that it adds some kind of flavour to the talk, while the other picks it up and neatly piles it at a good few feet away from the regular stuff.

My favourite emoticon, and the only one I will use in this post, although not in the appropriate context, is O_o. I never really get a chance to use it though. Its not that I dont hear anything shocking or surprising, its just that when i hear such stuff I am too busy being shocked and surprised and forget to use the smiley. So, good reader, would you be kind enough to comment something shocking, so that I can use it?


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