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Avani Avittam

Another one went by, it was a sad one personally, conspicuous by their absence was the generation that preceded my father. I have been doing this for fifteen years now, mostly with the same set of folks and the number of septua/octogenarians in the gang had been dwindling all the time. This time it hit the nadir*. I missed the old folks, i missed the wholehearted manner with which they blessed the kids.

What is even more sad is that they are being replaced(in terms of seniority) by a set of 50/60-year-old snobs. I hate that age group, i hate their pious demeanour, all they ever do is show off, complain about social decadence or worse, discuss the climate in New Jersey at this time of the year just because their genetic trail is over there. In ten years time, this set will grow to fill the void, but damn, it would be ten difficult avani-avittams.

Anyway, as usual the event was an exercise is holding on to my veshti and hoping that they dont slip off. I was wondering why we dont have pants that look like veshties, surely there is quite a bit of demand for them. I think the reason we dont have them is because of the name the product would take, pants that look like veshties are bound to be called panties, and man, it would need a terrific marketing campaign to get guys to wear them.

*It was quite a low point actually, the usual gang broke off completely and each went to a different place.


4 thoughts on “Avani Avittam

  1. janani says:

    I so hate that crowd too…50-60 is prolly when people are goin to retire and have not finished boasting abt their children who have settled down in US or gotten married to a bledy rich NRI there….and all they do when they meet people like me who are so happy to ve gotten parents who could let the issue of marriage rest for a while is bring it up again and get my blood boling!!

    • wow, you must be real pissed. anger does mess up coherence, i had to read the comment twice to parse its meaning. 🙂

      Incidentally, I learnt a new word today ‘blatherskite’, I am wondering if it would be offensive to use it here.

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