I Think

Before Sunrise

On esskay’s recommendation watched Before Sunrise, it was nice. Julie Delpy was lovely(did that rhyme?).

But I have a complain.

Now I am not a big fan of romantic flicks, I find these movies unnatural. The characters in these movies that fall for each other are just too perfect looking for my liking. I look around to see if I can find a guy or a girl who looks like that and nope, cant find any. Nine out of ten men around me have beer belly, man boobs and a charm of an ostrich. Chances are you also have these, atleast the ostrich bit. As for the women, I did a quick sampling around here, and well, two out of three women have facial hair. No need to doubt me lady, go on, run your finger under your nose now, did you feel the feathery brush of your stache*? The ones who dont have the lady-stache, turn out to be pimply, fugly, or super fat. These movies never show a 300 pound guy making conversation on a train with an averageish woman, with squint eyes or a cleft lip, and having a cute little evening, even if these folks are wickedly intelligent, have an IQ of 167, do humanitarian work in West Africa, think Ayn Rand is a douchebag, share a common liking for Chopin, and drink to world peace. No we never get that. All we get is a perfect looking guy and a dreamy girl engaging in pseudo-intellectual wanking before doing it like rabbits in an open field. Gah. Rant over.

*Damn you for having a bigger moustache than me.