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My Precious

I lost my pen, again. I dont remember who borrowed it from me. Beggers I can tolerate, but I just cant stand the folks who shamelessly borrow pens, at banks, at post office, at work and just about everywhere. These folks never bother to return the fuggin pen. And these arent the kind of people who understand the value of a pen. These are the people who leave it on their shelves whereupon the pen slips into space-time wormholes and returns to its source or worse use it for maliga-kada-kanakku.
Unlike many around me, I dont use the pens from the office stationary depot. They are alright for general note taking, but they dont provide the right doodling experience. No, I buy my own pens. And I buy pens like people buy cars. I take a myriad factors into consideration, everything from the viscosity of the ink, its blottiness on different papers, the pointiness of the tip, the grip, the weight, the look on my face when I rest the pen gently on my chin and stare into the ceiling in deep thought and so on. I even try different pens from the same kind, the whole process is akin to Harry Potter choosing his wand, except I lose my pen and repeat the process every two months.
I havent seen my pen since last weekend. Its a black felt tip pen. Gawd, I fell like Smeagol. we hates it, stupid-pen-stealing-fish-poo-gargling-idiot, we hates it forever.


4 thoughts on “My Precious

  1. 1. why did you take that fav.pen(cil) to school in the first place?
    2. how much doodling err.. writing do you do?
    3. why can’t you put it back in your bag after use?
    4. why don’t you refuse lending? Or have another dabba ones to lend?

    are some questions that I ask my 8 yr old…

    • 1. what is the point in having a favourite and not using it?
      2. writing. none. doodling. lots.
      3. but… but.. i did… i did.
      4. suffer from cantsaynoitis 😦

  2. Esskay says:

    Dai, if its a thin black pen with words ‘uni’ on it, then its been lying on my computer table for sumtime now.. Guess u left it here when u visited me last week..

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