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There are some things you dislike because you have seen the worst of them, and there are some things you dislike because you havent seen the best of them. Until last week anime was in the latter catergory. But then I sat through a couple of movies – Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away and well, I am sort of a anime fan now.
Princess Mononoke is what Avatar tried to be and failed. Unlike Avatar, the story had a number of stake holders, forest gods trying to protect the forest and yet not coming together to fight the humans who werent a monolithic force but a team of loose alliances waiting for the opportune moment to stab others in the back. And nature, the forest spirit, dint take any sides when threatened, but when things got out of control it went on a rampage destroying everything that walked across its path, everything. The movie had a predictable ‘all is well’ ending though, for once I was ok with such an ending for the journey towards it was fascinating enough to make up for it.
Spirited Away was more of a regular kidsy animation movie. It was about a eight-nine year old girl who gets trapped in a spirit world, falls in love with a river, frees him and her parents from the clutches of the witch and returns home. Very likable.
Both movies come from Studio Ghibli, who apparently are very good at anime. Have a couple more of their flicks queued up for the weekend My neighbour totoro and Howl’s moving castle.

Between I got my precious back today morning and I celebrated the reunion by doodling Chihiro, from Spirited Away and No-Face, the friendly spirit that keeps offering gold to her.


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  1. Arun says:

    All the anime from Studio Ghibli have very good artwork. In the era when animation has been done through computers, they are capable of creating really good work using hand drawings. You can also try watching “Grave of the Fireflies”. Its a really good Anti-war movie.

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