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There and back again*

Me, esskay and pradeep(esskay’s cousin) went on a drive this past sunday, to Vedanthangal and then to Tanjavur. It was a great day to drive, the weather was just perfect. The sun lay nicely snuggled beneath a blanket of clouds for most part of the day, after all it was sunday for her too. There was a hint of drizzle that played around with whatever sunlight that made it past the clouds. The wind put up a valiant effort at balding us every time we lowered our windows. The sky kept on churning taffy clouds for our delight, which together with the green of the countryside and the blue above made for a nice windows-wallpapery spectacle. The evening was even better, at one point we had shapely violet-tinted clouds on our left, dark rain clouds on our right and a cloudless patch in front of us which burned orange under the last rays from the dying sun. Everybody knows the fun thing about clouds, keep looking at them and bam! out of nowhere a shape leaps out at you. I did the same, saw a fiery pomeranian chasing a hurrying dwarf, funny that. I had a feeling that nature was bending over backwards to please me, i know, sounds egotistical, i dont care, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The trip was fun for another reason. I consider myself a farmer, i view the world in terms of safe decisions, low risks, erring on the side of caution, avoiding epic failures, etc, you get the point. Pradeep is at the other end, a hunter, living on the edge, prepared to take huge risks, going for epic wins, etc. At work I am surrounded by friends who are also farmers, birds of the same feather and all that. Over time I have gone through a bit of circlejerking with the same folks, reinforcing the same set of views, and as a consequence, I have shut down new lines of thought. Naturally I found listening to his perspective refreshingly new, despite not hearing anything new. It made me wonder how it would feel to be a hunter for a change. Of course, there is nothing right or wrong about being a farmer or a hunter, this is not about which is good and bad. And people are neither completely this or that, esskay, for example, is half here and half there, it is just an amorphous dichotomy. But talking to him sort of kindled my personal fantasy, about following the footsteps of Samwise Gamgee, setting out to see the elves, walking into mordor, coming back home to tell the tale and living out the remainder in the Shire. I am still in love with the Shire, not prepared for the journey, but some day, sooner or later, it is going to happen.

* I am reading LOTR again, this time all too slowly, savouring every word. šŸ™‚


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  1. ashwin says:

    Through the first paragraph I was left wondering what the hell was it with you and the skies and clouds! Should have guessed by the title ideally šŸ™‚

  2. Heya! Have just started reading LOTR too! The travel time to office is suddenly reduced to half, the day at work seems too long, and the kids seem to hit the bed too late:( Why!!!

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