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Rejecting evidence

I am tired. Tired of having tried to explain evolution to a friend, who happens to be sufficiently educated and yet summarily rejected all the evidence for evolution that I had to offer. Be it the tortoises from galapagos islands to domestication of dogs to the laryngeal nerve in a giraffe. And I kept getting the same points again and again ‘How did a deer turn into a lion?’ ‘Evolution is just a theory… ‘ and so on. The last straw was the belief in the bible concerning the age of the earth being 6000 years, dendrochronology alone proves that wrong, never mind other dating techniques.

I just cant let it go, it is not a philosophical position, It is not a case of freewill vs determinism where each can hold a set of theories and agree to disagree. Turning a blind eye to evidence while providing our existence alone as a supportive argument for the existence of god baffles me.

I have often wondered why Dawkins is so militant in his approach towards explaining evolution, having tried to do the same, I now realise that it is not some mindless aggression, but the manifestation of the frustrations at having to explain something so obvious as 2 + 2 = 4.

And I have to say this again.. just to release all the pent up anger ‘EVOLUTION IS NOT JUST A THEORY……..!!!!!!!!!!’


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  1. You uttered blasphemy and are still spared;) Btw, the only thing I like in Kamal’s Dasavatharam (besides the Naidu guy) is that famed line- Kadavul illennu sollale. Irundha nalla irukumnnu dhaan…

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