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Tomato Red

My team mates gifted me a tomato red coloured t-shirt on my birthday, yes, a tomato red tee. I usually pick and wear neutral colours, colours like muddy brown, dung brown, dry dung brown, dry cement grey, wet cement grey, dung ash grey, volcanic ash grey, slate grey, colours that would blend me into the walls and make me as inconspicuous as possible. I am a little partial to green and at times, when I feel a bit adventurous, I go for something bright, like say, mossy green.

There is no way I would ever go for tomato red, any red for that matter, even if I got real high on acid, stripped off all my clothes, ran into the streets and had helicopters with chopper lights and TV camera crews on board irradiating my nakedness and the only way to stop my pulchritudinous nudity from being broadcast to 800,000 cities worldwide and accidentally to any extra terrestial life trying to get a glimpse of life on earth would be to wear a tomato red garment lying by my side, not even then, I wouldnt even bother looking at it, instead I would put on my sunglasses and wave stuff all the stuff at my disposal at the cameras.

Anyway, it was a gift from friends and so I cast aside my irrationalities and wore the shirt. I went to the mirror to get an opinion, both me and the guy in the mirror were surprised, the shirt looked great and I.. I took an instant liking for the color.

I went to my wardrobe, opened it and stood before the racks. I patted on the shirt like a teacher praising his favourite student in front of the class and poured scorn on all the grey shirts for not being as good as tomato red. I dint realise till then that I had so many fucking greys, what a pointless colour!

Well, that’s one colour off my dont-even-think-about-wearing list, thanks to folks from work. Let me see what else is on the list.. ah… pink.. hmm…


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  1. Came perilously close to getting one from my cousin, who offered me a choice between white/pink shirt and a grey/violet one. No prices for guessing which i chose.

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