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iPhone (again)

I just prefaced an online argument defending Apple products with the words “I am not an apple fanboy… “, as soon as I hit the send button, I realised that I had turned into one. The argument was about how Apple was milking users by introducing a version that had minimal changes in comparison to the previous version – the whole accusation was bollocks and having tried to make a case for it once in facebook I am in no mood to do it again here. What really bugs me is people criticising something without even experiencing it – look at all the Justin Bieber, Twilight haters – the number of haters massively outnumber folks who have actually listened/read Bieber/Twilight. The same happens with Apple too… iPhone5 hasnt even hit the streets and already the naysayers are out with their pitchforks. Its sadistic – its like people want to munch popcorn while watching Apple fail. I suppose it is fashionable to hate the popular thing – regardless of whether it deserves the hate.

Anyway, I cannot help but marvel at the fact that making calls is just one little thing that i can do on my phone. And this struck me as an amazing only on my iPhone, I was using an Android device – I was rebooting it so often that I rarely had any time to sit back and marvel at its beauty or lack of. To reiterate, in case any of you missed it, iPhone rocks and I am in love with it. Screw all the haters.


2 thoughts on “iPhone (again)

  1. Sankar says:

    Dear sir/madam

    i think the thoughts are well put – nice read !

    could something similar be at play over the general aversion to anything Microsoft ?



    appreciate if you could remove the other comment with the email id revealed.

    why is it you ask for email id before name in the reply box !

    • Every company has its own karma, MS has accumulated negative karma over the years to the point where people no longer hate them, but are indifferent to their actions. There is no guarantee that Apple wouldnt go along the same path.

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