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Near death experiences..

.. or just minor accidents for those without an inclination for exaggeration and melodrama.

A few days back I was riding my bike over the Liberty bridge when suddenly a kaataadi maanja decided to wrap itself around my neck. Thankfully I was riding at a ‘septuagenarian-sauntering-around-the-park’ pace and so I could stop the vehicle, carefully untangle the string and go about my business without much fuss.

Now I lead a very banal, risk free, no adventure life and this is as much close to near death experience that I will have and the first thought that came to my mind was – ‘boy, i really should have taken that term insurance policy’.

Now I couldnt be more wrong about not having enough near death experiences and the very next day i rammed my bike into an auto and my head in that auto’s rear. Thankfully, again, I was driving slow and wearing a helmet and escaped with minor bruises. Once again the thought of not having enough insurance walked into my mind.

I cant help but feel The Supreme Being has started working as a part time LIC agent and is conniving with Fate to push me into getting a term policy. And I am starting to get worried, not about death as much as about leaving without giving my family in a decent position in case I am forced to move on. Oh well.. I better get that term insurance before facing the next near death experience.


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