I Think

Unsolicited advice

Someone I respect a lot popped up like a fairy and gave me some advice.

1. Hold yourself to high ideals. Gave the allegory about two brick layers working at a construction site. When asked what they were doing, one said I am just laying bricks here while the other said I am building a temple. Quite a difference there.

2. Associate with people who discuss ideas rather than people and incidents. To an extent I try to follow this, I am least interested in discussing with acquaintances how their days went, who is winning in Super Singer or which movie is a box office hit. But then thanks to my introversion I have always struggled with talking to people and have to a large extent substituted them with books.

Now he also warned me about the dogmatic aspects of atheism, an opinion I am subscribing to these days. I have indeed shifted from a Dawkinsian brand of atheism to Sam Harris one, that is to say less militant and more of following a path that makes sense in the quest to happiness.